Elect Lady Wells

Elect Lady LaTrina Wells

serves humbly beside her husband, Pastor Nathaniel Wells III at Greater Community Christian Fellowship (GCCF). She is a devoted mother to five beautiful children.

Lady Wells has a passion and a call on her life for Women's Ministry. She is the coordinator for Dynasty Women's Ministry at GCCF and serves as a District Missionary in the Western Michigan Jurisdiction COGIC. In January 2007, she was inspired by the Holy Spirit to launch Dynasty Women's Ministry internationally. Impacting the lives of women is the ultimate design of Dynasty Women's Ministry.

Lady Wells considers herself a modern day Sojourner Truth. She quotes, "I'm on a journey for the truth. My God-given mission is to help other women discover and unlock the 'Dynasty Legacy' within them by embracing the Spirit of Truth." She is spiritually motivated to believe her assignment is to push women upward to walk in "Kingdom Authority" while effectively teaching them to align their hearts with the will of the King.