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When & Where


& Where

Friday, August 12  |  Saturday, August 13  |  Sunday, August 14
In Grand Rapids, Michigan at the following Venues.

Friday, August 12
Saturday, August 13
Sunday, August 14
In Grand Rapids, Michigan at the following Venues.

Meet & Greet

To Be Announced

Friday, August 9
Location TBA

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Reunion Dinner

Dinner Header

Saturday, August 10
Ottawa Hills High School

6:00pm – 9:00pm

2055 Rosewood Ave. S.E.
Grand Rapids MI. 49506
in the Mall Area

• $20 per adult 18 and older
• $10 for teenagers 13-17
• $5 for ages 5-12
• Free for children 4 and under

Dress is Business Casual

Church Service

Macedonia MBC

Sunday, August 11
Macedonia MBC

9:30am – Sunday School
11:00am – Worship Service

48 Dennis Ave S.E.
Grand Rapids MI. 49506.

Committee Members

Please give a round of applause in a show of appreciation for those who worked tirelessly to put this reunion together. Our Reunion Committee.

John "Jay Dee" Hoskins

OHHS Class Of 1981

John “Jay Dee”

Founder & Chief

Christian "Dooder" Hoskins

OHHS Class Of 2021

Christian “Dooder”


Delarah Noble

OHHS Class Of 2021


Sales Assistant

Dwain "DJ 9 1/2" Guyton-DJ

OHHS Class Of 2021

Dwain “DJ 9 1/2”



OHHS Class Of 2021

Lucius “Lupie”
Manning Sr


MIchelle Smith

Iroquois Middle


Door Control

Roslyn Johnson-Shackelford

Iroquois Middle, OHHS Class of 1977


Planning Committee 


John "Jay Dee" Hoskins

Founder & Chief Indians Trifecta Reunion

John “Jay Dee” Hoskins

God put it on my heart to do something a little different. During my first several years, I was moved around to quite a lot of schools. In December of 1972, my family moved to Adams street and I was at a another new school (Ottawa Hills Elementary) and again was the new kid. The good thing was, I stayed there for the rest of that year and the following two years and formed a relationship with a lot of students and teachers that still exist to this day.

Then I entered Iroquois Middle school, and although it was another new school; I entered with a lot of the same people that I had known for over two years. The same happened with Ottawa Hills High School in 1977. This reunion was inspired by the loss of a dear friend, Derrick Dennis Taylor, on the basketball court at Iroquois Middle School, on March 24, 1977, during a Student/Faculty Basketball Game. We have lost so many students and faculty over the years, and before we lose any more, God has given me the honor of reuniting some of the people that were involved with these three schools. These people have touched my heart, and just like these schools, are a part of me. Therefore, I would like to invite you and your families to join me and a great group of people (The Indians Trifecta Reunion Committee) at The Indians Trifecta Reunion, joining together the three schools that mean so much to me.

Please enjoy our brand new website and sign up for the reunion. Feel free to pass any information on to anyone who worked, attended, or volunteered at Ottawa Hills Elementary, Iroquois Middle, or Ottawa Hills High School. Anyone involved with either of these three schools in anyway, at any time, is encouraged to participate.; i.e. teachers, students, custodians, security, etc. Also, feel free to bring photos, articles, memory books and yearbooks from these times and even recent times, so that we can share them with each other.

Thank you and God bless,


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